Welcome and thank you for your interest in sustainable agriculture. We trust that you have a mutual interest of enjoying the world around you while preserving it for those generations that follow. In the big and fast world around us it is important to not always go the quick and easy route because it can often be very destructive in the long run.

One way of doing that is by supporting your local sustainable produce farms rather than the big factory farms. The quality and benefits of local sustainable products, have more nutritional value, less chemicals, less river/ocean pollution, and a smaller carbon footprint while strengthening the health of people and building local commerce.

About Us

Eric Mann & Barry Dmytro

Wolfbear Farms is small off the grid homestead in North Central Wisconsin that focuses on permiculture (a style of organic farming). It was founded by Eric Mann and Barry Dmytro and purchased from the Dmytro family in 2008.

From there we started planting trees, planning future gardens, and collecting compost. The Amish built our cabin in the very wet fall of 2010. We left our jobs in Madison, and moved on August 5, 2011. We hope to make make a living here, and explore our thoughts on self reliance, freedom from conventions, thoughts on chemical and carbon footprints, strengthen local food systems, and organic farming practices.


We are close to the following towns: Lublin, Withee, Owen, Thorp, Gilman, Jump River, Medford, Neilsville, Greenwood, Athens, Cornell, Eau Claire, Wausau, Ladysmith.

What We Do

Offering a more sustainable way of agriculture that promotes health of the environment, people, and local economy.

How We Do It

We offer products from our farm and also coordinate with local family farms and retailers in the region who have a commitment to the health of communities they serve.

Spark you interest and abilities?

Go to our Wwoofing page, or contact us for co-op opportunities.

Our main income

Check out our business Errand Boys