Finishing of construction of the cabin

Taken during the third week of October

The cabin was mostly finished in September, but the windows, rails, flooring, stove, and staining still needed to be done.

  • New windows in the cabin
  • The flooded road by the cabin
  • Working on the base for the stove
  • Working on the base for the stove
  • Applying the first layer of stain on the cabin
  • Wolfe in front of the cabin
  • Newly finished porch of the cabin
  • The floor just got finished
  • Just put the stove in
  • Wolfe sitting in the loft

Construction of the cabin

Taken during the second week of September.

This all happened a month later than planned, so things were a little more wet than they would have been in August. We did however try to take advantage of the wetness and use it to our advantage by planting some windbreak trees.

  • Our final planned site to put the cabin
  • The Amish working on the cabin
  • Planting some spruce trees on the north side of the cabin
  • Planting a test plot of garlic
  • Inside of the unfinished cabin
  • My mom, Larry, and Barry
  • View looking out of the south window of the cabin
  • The muddy road going to the cabin

Planting Spruce and Pine trees and hops.

Taken during the second week in April.

We didn’t take any picture of the hop planting here, but there are pictures of the trees that we planted and some other details of our ambitions.

  • My mom and I on lunch from planting trees
  • Wolfe and seven buckets of poop
  • Our planned site for our cabin and garden
  • Red pine seedling
  • Ramps we planted
  • Spruce seedlings
  • Trees we planted about 15 years ago
  • Pretty view of the field
  • Spruce Seedlings
  • Wild mint growing in the swamp
  • Wolfe working on the plans