Fall and Winter of 2011

Putting in solar panels, snow, and some food cooked over a wood burning stove.

  • Burrying Cable in Conduit
  • Engineered Solar Structure
  • Falafel, Rice, Hummus, Tenderized Kale
  • Fall Hiking in Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest
  • First Snow 2
  • First Snow
  • Great Friends Visiting from Madison
  • Inverter and Battery Bank
  • Our Shower
  • Solar Panels
  • Water and Brewing Buckets

Our Moving to the Homestead and Getting Settled In

Taken throughout August and September.

These are pictures from the first few months of after moving into our cabin and many of the things that we did to get settled in there. Also some wine making and our pets.

  • Cutting a Grass Path by Hand
  • The Moving Truck Parked in the Field
  • Eric About to Take a Shower
  • a Makeshift Sink
  • Planing Wood for Selves
  • New Shelves
  • New Shelves
  • View from the Front Porch
  • Yard Full of Grass and Trash
  • Sunset Through the Grass
  • New Closet Shelves
  • Smashed Elderberries
  • Finished Shelves
  • View from Inside
  • View of the Cabin
  • Makeshift Kitchen
  • Hooking up the Sink
  • Landscaping Around the Well
  • Picking Elderberries
  • Making Elderberry Wine
  • Nala
  • Ophelia
  • Making Apple Cider
  • The Guy that Built Our Cabin

Our third visit back to the cabin during the spring.

Taken during the third week of April.

We planted two fast growing Deborah maple trees for shade, but our main objective with this trip was to start building the garden. We hauled up about 60 buckets of coffee grounds, gathered about 30 buckets of manure, and even mixed in another 10 buckets of ground up granite to help mineralize the soil. Then we covered the whole thing up with cardboard. An area of about 20x30 feet with nice southern sun exposure should make a nice garden.

  • Our many buckets of coffee grounds
  • One of our storage sheds
  • The progress of our garden
  • Planting a maple tree
  • The progress of our garden
  • Washing the coffee grounds out of buckets
  • A makeshift shelf in the cabin
  • A new old sofa in our cabin

First visit to the cabin since it was finished

Taken during the third week of January.

We went on a bitterly cold day of 10 below zero with a wind chill of about 30 below. This was the first time that we slept in there, but considering how cold it was it took about 10 hours to get the cabin up to room temperature.

  • Close up of the stove
  • Hauling stuff across the snowy field
  • The sunset view from the cabin
  • Tibetan prayer flags hanging from the loft
  • Wolfe warming his feet on the stove
  • The cabin in the winter
  • The well
  • The loft and our makeshift bed
  • Our solar lights
  • Wolfe carrying boxes for future garden projects