CSS touch up and Content

Friday November 13 2009

I’ve done quite of bit of css touch up’s to clean up the interface to the site. One notable change is that you can now click on the whole rectangle aound the menu link rather than just on the text.

Now for the filling out of content. I’m going to give content to the whole site including lots of recipes and produce information plus lots of other bits of info. This will take a year or so I expect and at that point I intend on putting this site on the WWW.

Website Initial Styling

Thursday October 29 2009

Site Style After a few weeks of working on the site I’ve got things pretty much styled and tweaked the way I’d like them. The color scheme is based off of a picture that I took in the spring, but the palette ended up looking kind of wintry. I will most likely come up with some more colorful palettes in the future, but now I should focus on getting some nice content up.

The picture page is also working so there will be whole albums of pictures to look at of the progress of the farm through the years. Once I get all of the content up that I’d like then (in about a year or so) I’ll be putting it up online at the site wolfbarryfarms.com!

Website Initial Creation

Monday October 19 2009

After a couple days of work the website it taking shape. There isn’t a lot of content yet at this time, but in time it should be very full and robust. I’ve still got a few things that I need to clean up in the site, but so far so good.