Our Cabin Progress

Tuesday October 26 2010

Many things have progressed over the last few months and we now have a cabin on the land. The original plan was for August, but it turned out to be a very wet summer and our builder was delayed with many other projects and could not’t get to it at that time. The cabin was put up in early September and finished in mid October. A week of work was put into it by us right away to get it finished off. We needed to stain the outside, varnish they floors, install the stove, and a number of other small tasks. Now that those are done our cabin is habitable. Next we need to get a water source, and we have a guy that plans on putting a well in next week so long as it does not’t get too wet. We have also designated some areas as future garden locations and have started building up the soil in these locations, but this is tedious and can take years to do. We also need to purchase a tiller for this task.

When we were there in September it was really wet and we took that opportunity to plant some more trees. This time we acquired some for free. We dug about 150 blue spruce out of the ditch and planted them around the cabin. Hopefully we will have some nice wind breaks soon if we take good care of these trees.

Cabin Plans

Friday May 7 2010

While we were in the area during our spring planting we had arranged to talk to a guy about a well and to visit my uncle to see an off the grid cabin that he had built. He did not’t built it himself, but rather an Amish gent named Menow. We liked what we saw and the price was in our range so we went to talk to Menow to talk about building a cabin on our land. At this point we have a building plan, down payment, and an approved loan. I wish we did not’t have to take the loan out, but otherwise we would not’t be able to do it as easily in our economic system. Our plan is to put in the cabin, a shed, and a well this coming August. Our hope is to then move onto the farm this coming spring, and try to grow our own food and live off of the grid.

Over time we hope to also work a balance out with the environment around us. We wish to live off of the land, but keep it healthy and vibrant around us. We plan to use organic sustainable practices with farming and daily life. For example rather than wasteful plumbing and septic systems we plan to use basins for washing and a composting toilet system. Many people look at us like we are crazy, but everyone can’t keep living such wasteful lifestyles. In the long run we will poison ourselves. We are only taking one step in the right direction, but intend on staying on the path.

Spring Planting

Thursday April 22 2010

Last year we planted a variety of fruit and plum trees on the farm and this year we planted windbreak trees on the north side of the fields. 100 American Red Pine and 100 Colorado Blue Spruce. We also planted 20 Hop Vines, 5 different varieties: Cascade, Magnum, Perle, Fuggle, and Northern Brewer. In addition to the planting we also fixed up fence around the apple and plum trees, did quite a bit of pruning, fertilized the fruit trees, unplugged the culvert.