Solstice and Garden Update

Saturday June 29th 2013

We were considering having a fire today inside. The high is 70 degrees, it looks like it is going to rain on and off. A stark contrast to the hot and humid weather of last week. The rain held out for our first annual summer solstice party. We welcomed friends from Bosie, ID, Minneapolis, and Madison. Our guest of honor was Laurel who turns 40 this month. Great food and beverages were enjoyed by all. Camping was a no go. We reserved a guest house in Thorp and the rest shacked up inside. The spring crops in the garden are doing well. Our spinach and Yakina is bolting. The dill is thick and lush. Swiss chard, beets, carrots, and kale are growing bigger. We have been harvesting the lettuce and thinning it out to form heads. Melons on the other hand are not doing well here or anywhere in the region-too cold and wet. We are going to miss the melons if it doesn’t warm up but it is nice not to have to water the greens! We would like to get composted manure but so to wet and don’t want to get the truck stuck. Also to wet to cross the swamp with the collapsed culvert. Our apple trees sure could use some fertilizer and mulch.

Wet and Wild

Saturday June 01 2013

This spring has been extremely wet this year. We have already gotten almost as much rain as all of last summer and spring combinded and it is only June 1st. Perfect weather for mushrooms and many plants, but boy is it wet. We have to wear our rubbers everytime we go in the garden and we often sink down about 6 inches. The farm road that access the back fields is under over 6 inches of water and has been for over 2 months.

On the solstice we are planning on throwing a party for some of our friends and our hope is that it dries up enough for camping by then or else we may have to come up with a new plan for the party. We have been working hard around our place trying to get every up to par for when that day comes. Let’s hope for nice weather around the solstice.

Website and Soap Updates

Saturday March 09 2013

Over the last few months we’ve been working on some tweeking of the website. There are some updated graphics and some javascript/jquery added. One feature that you may notice is the pictures page has a nice pop-up album viewing mode now. Look for more updates in the future.

Also over the last few months we’ve been working on our soap product. We have a page dedicated to it on the site and are selling it. There have been many changes to the product since its first inception about a year ago. We are pleased with it as it is now, but will continually stive to deliver a top quality product. As of right now one store carries our product and a salon is going to be carring it shortly. Our future plans include offering it on Amazon as well.