New Directions

Sunday March 30th 2014

Website Redesign aka Summer

We are going some new directions with Wolfbear farms. At first our goal was to grow a business right away, but that hasn’t quite worked out as we once thought it would. Our other business Errand Boys is starting to do quite well and is keeping us busy with a full time work so we don’t have as much time for all the little wolfbear side projects such as commercial soap making. We are closing the business this year, but we will still work on all of our ambitions just the same however with out the commercial aspect. This website will also be maintained as a testament and logging of our life.

Speaking of the website, there has been a complete redesign of it to make it look fresh and new again. This is the 1st redesign of the site since it was started in 2008. There have been some minor tweaks, but this is the first complete redesign. The last look was called gray and this new one is summer. Hope you like it!