Bodywork and You

If you a desire a path to healing, than you must take the first step. You must commit to it. Gifted healers and caring doctors may assist you on your way, but they cannot take you all the way. The most important healer is you.


Massage is a powerful healing art that most people take for granted as some luxury that they don’t have time or money for. In reality massage is one or our core needs: the need to be touched. Through this healing touch much benefit can come from daily stress, repetitive stress injuries, poor posture, over exertion, injury, chronic conditions, and toxicity. Combined with a healthy diet, healthy exercise, and a healthy lifestyle you can reach a higher level of health and consciousness.

There are many different types of massage our there. All of the modalities work differently for different people so you may have to try a few different ones before you fine what is right. You may also have to explore with different practitioners before you find the right match for you.

Don’t just assume that the only thing out there is Swedish relaxation massage. Explore some of the Asian ones such as Tui Na which works meridian lines and acupressure points to release blockages in the flow of energy. Thai massage is another massage that also works points in to increase circulation and blood flow throughout body. The better the flow, the greater. This style can be done on a table, but also on the floor and entails lots of slow rocking and assisted stretching.

There are more out there than can be listed here.


Acupuncture is a discipline that inserts small needles into specific points of the body according to the symptoms or conditions of the client. There are 14 major lines in and sub meridian lines in the body. In acupuncture theory, each line is related to an organ and system functions. An acupuncturist also may recommend small dietary or lifestyle changes along with prescribing herbals to get results. A minimum of 2-4 sessions is usually needed but some treatment can take 3-6 months. The theory is that you must correct a condition and then maintain balance, even after treatment, it is recommended that you go in at least once a quarter.

Our Experience

Both of us have experienced eastern healing arts-one of us even studied and worked at a acupuncture and massage clinic in Madison, Wisconsin.

Massage practitioners seem easy going. You can schedule monthly, quarterly, or when you have the funds to treat yourself. The model for acupuncture involves bi-weekly treatments, which can be costly. Usually you can prepay for a series of sessions. This can be an added bit pressure, especially if they are not in your budget. You ultimately have to decide what it is worth to you and how much you can afford.

It would be so great to go for bodywork once a week! But in practice, time, it is often not the reality You have to make time to care for yourself. That does not always involve making payment to another for making your self feel so good. Take time to eat a healthy meal, to practice meditation, awareness, breath awareness, exercise, stretching, yoga, or walking.

Insurance Companies and Bodywork

More providers are recognizing alternatives to western medicine. Our previous employers offered a flexible spending account that paid for acupuncture. It would also cover massage if it was prescribed by your primary physician.