Let your food be your Medicine

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Is your Standard American Diet (SAD) the cause of your symptoms?

In lots of regions of the United States it is more common that not to eat a highly processed, highly refined diets of salts, sugars and fats. Health problems arise from eating a diet composed of meat products, dairy, and processed foods. Think to yourself about how many people you know that are on cholesterol medication, so they do not have a heart attack but can go on maintaining there current diet and sedentary lifestyle.

Potential cancer causing agents such as artificial ingredients, dyes persistent pesticides, preservatives, and there adverse effects are most often not taken into dietary consideration. Amounts of growth hormones or antibiotics that are administered to animals and there impact on humans and the ecosystem are not exposed.

Millions have high blood pressure and heart disease, one in two die people die of cancer, do you see any correlations to diet?

Because Healthy Eating is an Illegal Alien

There are skeptics out there, most of those skeptics are unwilling to try a diet that contributes to better health, because of no fault of their own, they simply don’t know any other way. This is tradition, this is what they have been taught, this style of eating, it is comfort. They have no skill set to change. They simply do not know how to cook anything other than a hunk of steak and a baked potato, smothered with butter. Lots of times in grocery stores, especially those in rural communities, the produce offered at the store has traveled across the world, is wilted, rotten or unappealing.

The more you consume high fat, high protein, high sugar, high salt, and processed foods, the more you crave them. What you put in you body is habit, it is comfort, it is an addiction. It is the only way because you have not been exposed to a nutritious, beautiful meal full of flavor, spice and freshness. The more you consume fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, the more you will appreciate and crave them. The more you consume fried foods, sodium, butter, and bacon, the more you will crave those foods.


Invite healing natural herbs into your life. Put cool and refreshing peppermint into your bath. Burn a smudge stick to clear negative energy and to promote relaxation.

Dried herbs store well, and are excellent for culinary use as well.

Dried basil makes an excellent and centering pesto at anytime of the year. With just four cups of leaves, you can make a pasta dish that serves two to four folks. Certainly a way to get your nutrients dense greens incorporated into your diet.

Add thyme or oregano to your next Marinara sauce and serve with pasta.

Vinegar, olive oil, and tarragon, and a little sea salt make and excellent marinade.

Seasonal fall dishes with poultry seasoning which consists of Sage, Thyme, and Rosemary.


Avoid spice blends with lots of salt. You know it is too salty when salt is the first ingridient listed. In gerneral avoid salt when ever possible. Avoid eating out at resteraunts and eating processed preserved foods from the store unless they are salt free. Often low salt labeling can be misleading. If you are making a chili at home and you buy low salt beans, tomatos, peppers, and corn in cans the end result will be a very high salt chili!

People that are constantly craving large amounts of salt and want more salt in their food are having other dietary problems. They are not getting enough minerals in their diet. I am not referring to mineral suppliments that you can buy, because you can not absorb those, rather I am referring to the minerals that you find in the organic compounds of fresh raw produce.